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Radio Control Model Boats

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Radio Control Boats

Scale Boats
My Calypso RC boat by Billings

Billings Calypso
(ABS plastic and wood scale model of Jacques Cousteau's famous research vessel)

Twin electric motors, Futaba radio control, planked deck and wood handrails.
Scale 1:45
Length 94cm (37-inches)
Beam 17cm (6.7-inches)
Height: 33cm (13-inches)
history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calypso_(ship)

Planked wood deck and wood handrails (modification), orange diving bell, helicopter, Zodiac & lifeboat



My Smit Nederland RC tug boat by Billings

Billings Smit Nederland (ABS plastic)
Twin electric motors, Futaba radio control, wood deck and superstructure
Scale 1:33
Length 87cm (34.25-inches)
Beam 27cm (10.6-imches)
Height: 52cm (20.4-inches)

The Smit Nederland was built in 1979 at the BV Scheepswerft & Machinefebriek "De Merwede" in Hardinzveld, Holland. The vessel is driven by two "Stork Werkspoor" 1800 HP diesel engines. Top speed is 12 knots; the acting radius is 2,250 miles. A special detail of this ship is the propellers, which are equipped with reversible blades in jet streams, and two basin rudders which ensure good maneuverability.


Smit Nederland cabin front

Smit Nederland winch and rear cabin view

Smit Nederland twin screw electric power.  Additional wood bulkheads used to strengthen hull.



My scale model of 1930 24 ft. Chris-Craft Mahogany Runabout

Dumas' 1930 24 ft. Chris-Craft Mahogany Runabout (all wood)
OS 25FP inboard water-cooled glow engine, Futaba radio control, wood with metal fittings
Scale: 1/8th
Dumas Kit #1230
Length: 36 inches
Beam: 10 inches


Top view of Chris-Craft Runabout


OS 25FP inboard water-cooled glow engine



My scale model of Battleship Yamato

Model of Battleship Yamato by Nichimo 1/200 scale

Length: 51.5 inches
Beam: 7.625 inches
Material: plastic and wood
Power: 4 electric motors with electronic speed control turning four propellers
Control: Futaba 4 channel radio control
Gun Turrets: Front two rotate via radio control
Yamato Home Page
Battleship Yamato


Starboard two propellers


Mid-ship anti-aircraft guns and functioning searchlights


Power and radio control inside the model, from left (stern) to right (bow):
black high power rudder servo
large inside motors and gears (blue covers)
small outside motors
two microswitches for co-ordinated power turns & electronic speed control (orange and black)
power/rudder co-ordinating servo that controls microswitches (in front of micro-switches)
Radio Control receiver (center, covered with black foam)
gun turret servo (port, just behind red battery)
twin battery power (red)


Yamato Battleship Stats and History Page

Yamato video clips

Imperial Japanese Navy Marching Song
16-inch canon fire


RC Race Boats
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Lap Cat III


Prather's Spitfire II


11cc Outrigger Hydroplane